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marketing excellence

Marketing Excellence is a set of tools for all marketing people were dreaming of since they started investing in their first marketing budget.

We know that Marketing people are investing part of the marketing budgets effectively, but there is a challenge to prove to their sponsors (CEOs and Finance directors) that the right decisions were made and budgets were spent wisely.

DATAEXC Team created an AI-powered solution for marketing data analysis proving the proof for the above concept. We just know how data magic works, and we are excited to share this knowledge.

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marketing mix modelling


We provide the result of econometrics for each region, a product brand, activity that is a promo effectiveness analysis and we evaluate the content of the activity, as well as models for the number of reps and spillover effect modelling.

We use AI methods, and we provide the result in ready-made dashboards, with integration for Microsoft, QlikView, PowerBI, as well as our own web platform in the DATAEXC cloud.


We provide the key findings from the latest market review — the addressable market, product (brand), key competitors, market prices, distribution, market share, SOV and prescriptions for brand and market (key findings) as well as create the brand impact analytical modelling to trace market insights and drivers.


Our subscription-based DATA EXCELLENCE, REPORTING, and FORECASTING services help to keep an eye on your data clearance. We look for errors and duplicates to improve data quality. A client's data has been cleared by our unique approach to achieving the highest accuracy rate in data processing (Artificial Intelligence powered solution), eliminating human errors, and increasing the speed of delivering the results.

Correct and clean data leads to creating the right reports for decision-makers, and these reports help to synchronize our forecast with the client's expectations.

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Examples of business decisions based on the results of projects on efficiency assessment

Increase of EUR 0.8 million in annual sales due to the changes in staff

Assessment results showed that the promo in total has a high uplift except for 3 geographic areas that did not bring any effect on other on-going promotions.

Decision: to replace non-efficient employees with new ones. It brought up to 200% uplift on these areas.

The project paid off in 5 months.


Annual revenue increase of EUR 4,5 million due to a correction of promotion structure

Assessment results showed that the formerly effective distribution channels discontinued the growth.

Decision: channels were restructured through finding a highly profitable channel mix.

The project paid off in less than 3 months.

Red Wall & Stairs

Peningkatan jualan tahunan sebanyak EUR 2.3 juta disebabkan oleh penambahan jenama terpilih

Assessment results showed that the promotion channel had been effective with 35% uplift.

Decision: to add new brands in the promotion instead of some non-effective brands.  Size of uplift calculated as the increase acceleration multiplied on brands size.

The project paid off in 4 months.

Glass Buildings

Annual profit increase of EUR 0,5 million due to the stopping promo in big cities

Keputusan penilaian menunjukkan kecekapan tinggi promosi di bandar-bandar kecil dan tiada peningkatan yang ketara di bandar-bandar besar.

Keputusan: untuk membatalkan promosi di bandar-bandar besar dan terus berjalan di bandar-bandar kecil sahaja.

Projek ini membuahkan hasil dalam masa kurang dari 6 bulan.

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