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IT, cloud and political overview

While some companies hesitate to move to cloud solutions, the bravest and farsighted ones take advantage of the transformation mind for storing the business data on the cloud solutions of trustful partners and save money on hardware and services. 

Actually speaking about the IT tendencies in the global scope, keeping data outside the company in the contemporary environment is not a future but already a necessity and reality. Reality shows us that even government agencies moved to cloud services. There is no difference for all of us who are the contractor for Pentagon - Amazon or Microsoft unless we want to reflect on all the advantages of making a friendship with Mr President. 

It's a case when a personal and tailored approach is more valuable than just a position of being a competitive niche leader. The fact is that the benefits of data storage with a trustful partner prevail over the potential threats:

  • Ability to use big data. Processing big data and having additional services is a necessity even for the companies-giants. The paces of IT development are too swift; there is no need to participate in arms race, if an enterprise can delegate storage to professionals.

  • IT security and compliance. Of course, there is the issue about keeping the sensitive data outside the company. That's why a question of security and data protection, as well as user privacy and data protection, is the main issue in Europe since 2018. Developed markets are covered by the world's strongest data protection rules of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Long-expected regulation came into force on May 25, 2018 to implement laws that protect the personal information of individuals.

  • Predictable IT spends. Cost savings cloud solutions leverage current investments and create long-term strategic business opportunities.

  • Competitive services. Automatic Software Updates, loss Prevention, disaster recovery and sustainability is more than just benefits of the cloud at the team’s fingertips. It’s an insurance and guarantee of keeping data in remote mode.

  • Increase employee productivity. Collaboration is a top priority for the prosperity of business. Cloud storage simplifies cooperation among all the members of the team. Additional benefits for the top management can be integrated from cloud analytics of data that enables tracking mechanisms and customized reports to analyze information. New ideas increase efficiency and create action plans to achieve organizational goals.

Considering politics experience, it is crucial to all the companies to make a correct business decision and work with a trustful partner that takes care of their data protection.


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